St. David’s Cathedral, Wales

Our recent trip to the UK gave us plenty of time to sight-see. I admit there is a lot of my own country that I haven’t seen, so I was quite happy to do the tourist thing and enjoy the sights with my wife. One or two of the places I had seen before, but south-west Wales was one part I hadn’t visited, and there is plenty to see. One of our first stops was St. David’s, a very small city on the coast.

St. David’s is the smallest city in Britain (size and population). It was given the status of city in the 16th century due to the presence of St. David’s Cathedral, built in the late 12th century. Although it lost its city status in 1888, it regained it in 1994 at the request of Queen Elizabeth II, due to its Christian heritage and previous status. David’s importance to the church prompted Pope Calixtus II (Pope for five years until his death in 1124) to decree that two pilgrimages to St David’s would be the equivalent of one to Rome.

The image below shows Saint David’s Cathedral with the Bishop’s Palace to the left and behind.

st davids cathedral

St David’s Cathedral




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