Why Armafair?

Why Armafair?  It’s from a poem I wrote some years ago: nonsense verse inspired by Lewis Carroll’s ‘Jabberwocky’, from Through The Looking Glass.

Love’s Poem


An Attempt To Put Into Words The Feelings Of Love That We Hold In Our Hearts


Even Moligrunts Have Tentipots

Shall I compare thee to a snarfle-bug
(The kind that only gribble winches frak)?
Or liken you to the peewit clod
That knows how to get there but not come back?

No my love, for what would be the point in praises such as these?

So does thine fairell beauty place you
Up with the saluous armafairs
(Whose gentle granseethings reduce
The most rechinous moligrunt to tears)?

My sweet I love you more each day; it would be wrong to insult you in this way.

The gurbling of the belchergub
Is the song I’ll send to molifondle you.
And I’ll bimblewink you with tentipots
Until the waniferal day is through.

All this and more I give to you as a token of a love so true.

And with the night come the snuggle-puds,
Their kernigrunt reethings sending me
To wiksom cullies, far-off millips
And sensivasal growminy.

To you my love this eulogy, to show just what you mean to me.

There is a reason why I write
A poem that seems to absurd:
It’s because I find it hard to put
Love’s feelings into written word.

copyright: me

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