A Gentle Breeze

OK, the first posting and I am going to backdate this part of it to 19th December.

A Gentle Breeze

Only the one among them felt the gentle breeze as it passed by
And only the one heard the soft voices that that breeze carried with it
And only the one lay down, closed his eyes, and slept

But there were many whose laughter and cheer could be heard
And there were many whose love and warmth could be felt
And there were many who stood to welcome him home when finally he awoke

And those that remain will mourn with a quiet sadness
But when the tears are gone, and when the sadness has passed
There will be the memories of his warmth and of his smile
And the feeling of a gentle breeze that carries with it the laughter of the one who loves them still.

Dad, we love you.

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