Are Snails A Good Choice For DInner?

A wife and her husband were having a dinner party for some of their friends. The wife wanted everything to be just right, but at the last minute realized that she didn’t have any snails for the dinner party.

“Darling,” she said, “I’ve forgotten the snails. Grab the bucket and run down to the beach and get some, quick!”

He grunted but agreed. Taking the bucket, he walked out the door, down the steps, and onto the beach.

As he was bending down collecting the snails, he noticed a beautiful woman strolling along a little way down the beach. He thought to himself, “What I would give to have her come over and talk to me..” He continued gathering snails.

All of a sudden he felt someone standing over him and he looked up to find the beautiful woman was standing next to him! They started talking and after a short while she invited him back to her house, further up the beach. One thing led to another, the evening passed quickly and they spent the night together.

At six the next morning he woke up, looked at the clock and cried, “Oh no! The dinner party!”

He got out of bed, got dressed as quickly as he could, picked up his bucket, and ran out the door and back up the beach to his house.

As he was climbing the stairs to the front door he tripped and dropped the bucket of snails. At that moment, his wife opened the door and glared at him, furiously.

The man looked up at her, then back to the snails and said “Come on you guys, we’re almost there!”

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