Botox And Armpits

Botox smoothes out smelly armpits.

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Botox shots commonly used to temporarily smooth facial wrinkles may also be an aid to those with smelly armpits, a German study says. Volunteers were asked to rate the intensity and “unpleasant” or “pleasant” odour of cut-out armpits from T-shirts worn by 16 people given shots with the botulinum toxin A — known as Botox — in one armpit and a harmless solution in the other. Botox, a purified form of the toxin that causes botulism food poisoning, smoothes wrinkles and paralyses sweat glands by interfering with neurotransmitters and relaxing muscles.

(All this in the interest of science. Would YOU consider the research important enough to let someone stick a hypo-deemic nerdle into your armpits?)
Not content with packing an anti-deodorant, or anti-perspirant in our bags when we go to the gym, we’ll now have to carry syringes and inject a botulism toxin into our armpits just to make sure. And it also relaxes muscles, which is really going to help me with my bench presses (not).

Oh, hang on..

…According to the study, published in the journal Archives of Dermatology on Monday, the T-shirts were worn for a 24-hour period and rated from zero to six for smell intensity and minus-3 to plus-3 for the “unpleasant” or “pleasant” quality of the odour. Study author Marc Heckmann of Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich said the armpits scored an average 2.69 on the intensity scale before treatment, falling to 1.83 after treatment… As to smell quality, the scores averaged minus-1.14 before treatment and plus-0.46 after…

Ah, right. I get it.


0.62 and minus-0.37, and not a wrinkle in sight.

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