Guest Post By Rudolph Hucker – ‘Ello

Ello.*tap tap* Is this thing on? Maybe. Anyway, Armyfare is away for a bit and I am staying in is ‘ouse for a bit. ‘E left me in charge of this tecnolology thing for a bit and gave me a foto of some chick in her underware to show you but I might keep it for misself as it’s a hot foto I think. Some Tasha chick that ‘e paid me to take a foto of a bit back. ‘E said she didnt find a foto hersilf so I got to use this one.

Anyway, my name is Mr Hucker. You can call me Mr Hucker. I like to keep it simple like that. Dont want to get all personal now, do we? Unless your a sexy babe and I think you are worth getting it on with, if you know wot I mean, aye? I’m staying in ‘is ‘ouse down here where it’s only about minus 10 cents. T-shirt weather by all acounts. Bloody pathetic ‘e is. Snow shoes, thick coat. ‘Ardly a man if you got to put a ‘at on to go out in the snow.
Anyway, no bull from now on. You leave replies only when I ask fer ’em, and don’t go giving me no ‘assle or ther’l be hell to sort out. Simple.
If I can work out this compewter thing tomorrow after I do a spot of sunbathing I’ll show you this Tasha doll that I am talkin ”bout. Hot, right? Hot. If you are lucky I’ll tell you about where I cum from. Bloody cold there. Im going to turn the ‘eating off. To bloody hot here by all accounts. Goodbye.