Guest Post By Rudolph Hucker – Film Prequels

Ere’s sumfin to while awy the seconds when you got nuffin ilse to do, innit?
‘Sof the radio-thingy I got it. All about film prequels, by all accounts. What came before, like? Gottit?
Lemme give you a couple of ‘xamples..

There was Jaws, but before that, the prequel-thingy, was Gums. Gottit now?
Fiddler In The Lift. Prequel to Fiddler On The Roof.


‘Eres a few more and I’ll put the ansas in the comment-thingy, in case you are to stoopid to work them out.

1. Apocolypse Soon
2. Pubic Cassidy and the Sundance Boy
3. Next In Line To The Throne And I

[Edited for spelling – Dear God Rudolph, learn to use a dictionary! – Armafair.]

1 thought on “Guest Post By Rudolph Hucker – Film Prequels

  1. Armafair says:

    [Time-warp comment]

    1. Apocolypse Now
    2. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    3. The King And I

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