The Panda Connection

The Panda connection.

A panda stops his car on a street corner and picks up a ‘lady of the night’, and they both go back to her place for a bit of something.

When they arrive, the panda says ‘before we start, could you make me a sandwich, as I am a little hungry.’

The prostitue thinks it a little odd, but decides to add it to the panda’s account and after making it, watches him greedily eat the food. They both strip off and get into bed.

An hour or so later, after the panda has finished, he gets out of bed and gets dressed. It is only as he is about to leave that the prostitute questions him about the money he owes her.

‘I don’t understand,’ says the panda. ‘I have to pay you?’

The prostitute hands him a dictionary and tells the panda to look up the word prostitute. He casually flips through the book, finds the correct page and reads: ‘Prostitute – One who charges money for sex.’ The panda smiles, closes the book and hands it back, saying ‘You had better look up the word panda.’

As he leaves, and the door closes behind him, the prostitute reads aloud, ‘Panda – Eats shoots and leaves.’

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