What Is A Friend?

How do you define ‘friend’?

Someone you have known for a long time?
Someone you can pour your heart out to any time of the night and day?
Someone who shares common interests?
Someone you just met or haven’t actually met face to face?
All of the above?

Does it matter?

A friend is someone you feel you can call a friend for whatever reason.
A friend is someone you feel you can love, or someone you do love.
Not love in the romantic, heartfelt way that is normally associated with a partner, but love that you feel you can extend to anyone.
But just how often do you tell your friends that you love them? How often do you just say ‘I love you’, to your friends?
I don’t very often, but I’m gonna give it a damn good try from now on. Okay, granted, this might not be quite so easy to say to my male friends, but to the female ones, it’s gonna happen. And no, not in the slushy way, but if any of you are reading this, and you should know who you are, then prepare yourselves. If the male ones out there are reading this, consider it done (baby steps guys, ok?). Love makes the world go round. Love should be able to make it stop turning, just for a brief moment, so we can look at each other and be aware of the wonderful thing we share – a love for who we are. So why the hell don’t we extend that to those around us as well? The world wo’n’t stop turning, and we wo’n’t tell everyone around us that we love them, but we can tell our friends.

I can’t credit anyone with this, cos I don’t know who said it, but:

There are no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet.

So find a quiet moment, sit your friend down and tell them. Tell them how much you appreciate them. Tell them how much they mean to you just being there, just being themselves. Tell them you love them. It’s hard. It wo’n’t seem natural. What the hell, just do it.

I’m going to.

Why Start A Blog?

After the first post it’s time to come back to present day.

So what am I doing here?
Why start a blog and pour my feelings out to people I don’t know?
No, I don’t think I am. I think I am doing it for me. If someone reads it, then they read it.

This past month has been so hard, and now I am on my own.
No, just alone.
No, just not doing anything at the moment.
I can’t say no to that one. Let’s just say I am waiting for a smile to come my way. It will – I just have to wait a while.
There are many things that happen in life: some are good, others are not so good. The good ones we like to share and the not so good ones we tend, for the most part, not to share. Maybe because the pain that usually goes hand-in-hand with the bad things is personal, and we can’t open ourselves up and put it on display. We can’t allow others to laugh at us for our caring, when they themselves don’t.
Hence this blog. Maybe writing it will help. No. Writing it will help. So I’ll just write.

A Gentle Breeze

OK, the first posting and I am going to backdate this part of it to 19th December.

A Gentle Breeze

Only the one among them felt the gentle breeze as it passed by
And only the one heard the soft voices that that breeze carried with it
And only the one lay down, closed his eyes, and slept

But there were many whose laughter and cheer could be heard
And there were many whose love and warmth could be felt
And there were many who stood to welcome him home when finally he awoke

And those that remain will mourn with a quiet sadness
But when the tears are gone, and when the sadness has passed
There will be the memories of his warmth and of his smile
And the feeling of a gentle breeze that carries with it the laughter of the one who loves them still.

Dad, we love you.