Alternative Genesis, Chapter 3


Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field, that typically sat around eating grass and minding their own business, as the LORD God had wanted them to do, for grass was good. And the serpent saw that the woman was naked and said unto her”‘Nice!” and “Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”


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An Alternative Version of The Book of Genesis.

Genesis, 1

In the beginning, God created everything that wasn’t. For that which wasn’t, wasn’t, and God thought it a shame, so created he it.
And God said, “Wait, I’m not done yet, for truly, I cannot see what it is I have created, for it is dark!” So God created light, and the light shone upon all that God had created. And he looked upon it all, spread out before him and behind him and to each side, and also above and below, for he was in the middle of it and also all about it at the same time.
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Making A Native American Drum

Hide and hoops arrived, well packaged, from Centralia Fur & Hide. Thanks, guys!

Native American Drum Hoop and Hide

Sixteen inch hoop and buffalo hide

It’s a buffalo hide, thin enough for hand drums, and big enough to allow me to get a few drums out of it. A little darker than I had expected (though I don’t know why I was expecting anything lighter), I chose a spot to cut for the first one that is uniformly dark, to give me a nice canvas to paint on. I’ve yet to decide what I’ll put on it, but that’ll come to me, I’m sure.

The first drum will be made with an 18″ hoop, already sanded and sealed,  and then I have a couple more to make; a family from the Yaqui tribe, on a nearby reservation, lost their home to fire, so there will be a donation made there. All together I have an 18″ round, 17″ eight-sided, a 14″ round, and a 12″ round (that will be covered in goat hide–another gift).

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Mourning Dove Update

Bird-With-No-Name took a ‘big’ flight, yesterday, making it 40 feet out to a fig tree, not finding anything stable to land on, then flying back. She didn’t quite make it all of the way back to the table, but it landed safely on a chair. Yay, flight school!

Mourning Dove Is Growing Fast

Mourning Dove Is Growing Fast

She’s growing fast..

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