Spaz And Wheezie

Went out driving today and saw a couple of things that made me laugh.

Someone painted on a rock: Spaz + Wheezie
Just who the hell would name their kids something like this? And what would attract someone named Spaz to someone named Wheezie?
Dread to think what they would call their own kids if they ever got together..

The other was a signpost offering you the chance to Ride a Wild Horse.
I could only imagine one scenario..
You are sitting on the horse: one of the calmest, most placid beasts you could imagine.
Expecting your money back, you complain that the horse isn’t the least bid wild.
The owner simply says to you “Maybe not right now, but he’s gonna be f*cking furious when I kick him in the leg..”

Well I thought it was funny.

Then later, whilst wandering about a shop selling gift-type things, I came across a shelf selling fancy picture frames with photos in them of couples, children etc. I thought to myself that it’s all very well if you know the people, but what if you don’t? I wouldn’t want a picture of someone I didn’t know on my shelf.