Guest Post By Rudolph Hucker – Lass In Border Crossing Squeeze

Its me agin. I found this while I was snooping about a bit in Armyfares mail thingy. I wish I ‘ad thought about it before. I could a smuggled a ‘arf dozen or so pingwins down with me to keep me company when I was ‘ere. Seems a border patrol whotsit caught some guy trying to get a lass across the border ‘idden behind the front thingy of the car. Still, poor lass probly needed to go bad, so was glad they let ‘er out I reckin.

[Time-warp edit: Original image no longer available]

Brought to you by me, Mr Hucker. Don’t forget who it was that brought you it, neether. You go telling that Armyfare whose-a-body that I was treetin’ you good now, ok?

Guest Post By Rudolph Hucker – ‘Ello

Ello.*tap tap* Is this thing on? Maybe. Anyway, Armyfare is away for a bit and I am staying in is ‘ouse for a bit. ‘E left me in charge of this tecnolology thing for a bit and gave me a foto of some chick in her underware to show you but I might keep it for misself as it’s a hot foto I think. Some Tasha chick that ‘e paid me to take a foto of a bit back. ‘E said she didnt find a foto hersilf so I got to use this one.

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