Mourning Dove Update

Bird-With-No-Name took a ‘big’ flight, yesterday, making it 40 feet out to a fig tree, not finding anything stable to land on, then flying back. She didn’t quite make it all of the way back to the table, but it landed safely on a chair. Yay, flight school!

Mourning Dove Is Growing Fast
Mourning Dove Is Growing Fast

She’s growing fast..

..well over double the size she was when she was dropped on the bathroom floor by the cat. She has also started to feed herself: we provide her with crushed-up chicken feed, which she snacks on until she feels it’s time to call out for some ‘real’ food (we’re still giving her Katee’s Exact). She’s not eating quite so often, now, and finishes her meals, with a lot less mess than before. But, much like an inquisitive child, it takes a while to feed a baby dove–there are so many interesting distractions! When the dog walks past, she wants to watch; when she hears a noise, she stops to listen; when something catches her eye, she wanders off to the other side of the table to investigate… If nothing else, it turns what could be a laborious 30-minute feed into something entertaining, and in that time she only gets through a heaped teaspoon of food!

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