Mourning Dove Update

Bird-With-No-Name took a ‘big’ flight, yesterday, making it 40 feet out to a fig tree, not finding anything stable to land on, then flying back. She didn’t quite make it all of the way back to the table, but it landed safely on a chair. Yay, flight school!

Mourning Dove Is Growing Fast

Mourning Dove Is Growing Fast

She’s growing fast..

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Family size increases by one.

April clearly feels that our family isn’t large enough.

She has a cat flap, and is free to leave the house as she needs, and nighttime is when she goes on her ‘adoption runs’. To be fair (if catching wildlife can be considered fair), she rarely kills anything she brings home–though she is partial to the taste of moths.

We’ve tried to give the birds a bit more of a chance by fitting her collar with a bell, and that has helped a lot,but there are lots of other exciting things that she can still catch if she can find the energy in the 100+ degree late-evening heat.

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Hummingbird in flight

Canon 7d – f/10, ISO 2000, 250mm, 1/2656 sec

Our resident hummingbird, George (so named because he sounds a little like George Jetson’s car when he flies past).

Not quite as confident around people as Henry used to be, but still as territorial. This shot was taken as he came in to feed.

Photos, photos…

Our ficus didn’t do so well in the recent ‘freeze’ (4 or 5 nights of below zero temperatures). We missed the first night which did all the damage, but managed to cover the trees for the remainder, running some halogen lamps under the covers to keep the trees warm. There are a few spots of life, and we’re hoping we don’t lose this tree entirely

The leaves are now mostly brown, which provides great camouflage for this pair of sparrows, waiting to come down to the feeder.


Photos, photos…

This little hummingbird really doesn’t show too much fear. He’s happy to sit and pose for week 2’s contribution. At certain angles, the darker feathers of his head flash a bright fuchsia colour.

We named him Henry. He seems to have ‘adopted’ us and has decided that all the feeders that we put out belong to him alone, at the assumed disappointment of the other hummers in the garden.

There are sure to be more photos of him to come.

Canon 7D: ISO 100, 1/250, f6.3, Raw


Feeding A Hummingbird

This is Henry, from week 2 of the 52 week photography project showing some trust. My first ‘interaction’ with him was yesterday, when I found him sitting on a small branch just about head-height. I slowly reached my hand out to him and he sat whilst I touched his chest with the back of my index finger. A very special moment.

The photograph below shows a time today when he flew over and fed from a feeder I was holding. At one point he stood on my finger–those little claws are sharp, but Henry barely weighs a thing.

Photograph courtesy of good friend Lia.