Mourning Dove Update


Peeper has grown–a lot!

Amazing the difference a month or two makes; the little bird pictured above once looked like this:

Feeding  A Baby Mourning Dove

She went free some weeks ago, but knows where she can get a good meal at least twice a day.

So, at about 7am, and then again at about 6pm, she’s back at her table, waiting patiently for her morning and evening meals. Occasionally she will sit on the back of a chair and look in through the patio door, waiting to be noticed. She doesn’t seemed to have attached herself to humans in general, as she is very skittish around anyone but me, which is a good thing. She’s happy to be handled, though, and is more than content to sit on my finger and groom my beard as I rub her shoulders.

She’ll hang around after food if I am out there and when she’s ready, she’ll take off and find somewhere new to parch–usually somewhere in the garden. I don’t know how far doves travel from one day to the next, but I am sure little Peeper stays pretty local to the house.

Glad she’s still doing well.